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Discover our range of artificial intelligence (AI) services combined with our AI Factory, an operational AI software factory. We offer turnkey solutions tailored to your specific business use cases, with rapid and efficient implementation. From discovery to scale-up, we work with you to optimise your operations and drive growth through AI. Our team of experts works closely with you to meet your needs and implement tailor-made solutions, while guaranteeing continuous performance monitoring to ensure optimal results.

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Our 6D process



We analyse your specific needs, industrial processes and existing data to identify AI opportunities in your sector. We identify targeted experiments (Proof-Of-Concept) and tailor-made AI models to optimise your operations.
You are fully involved in the process, as an active partner, and benefit from our cutting-edge expertise and high-level technical support.



We work closely with you to understand your objectives, operational challenges and opportunities for improvement. Through in-depth analysis, interactive workshops and transparent communication, we develop a clear vision of your AI needs. Our team of experts combines a deep understanding of your industry with cutting-edge technical expertise. Together, we will define a strategic roadmap for implementing customised AI solutions.



Immerse yourself in our preliminary design phase, where we implement the plans and technical specifications required for your AI project. We collect and clean your data, design bespoke AI architectures and select the best algorithms to meet your needs.
Our iterative approach allows you to make informed decisions, benefiting from our expertise in data preparation and transformation.


Discover our agile software and AI model development phase. We take an iterative and collaborative approach, working in short sprints to deliver rapid and adaptive results. With continuous testing and transparent communication, we develop high-quality software and AI model, in line with your defined requirements.
Our agile approach gives you maximum flexibility and ensures efficient delivery, enabling you to quickly reap the benefits of artificial intelligence in your business.


Discover our deployment and scaling phase of the AI solution for your industry. We integrate the AI solution into your existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. We carry out rigorous testing to ensure the stability and reliability of the deployed solution. Once successfully deployed, we gradually extend its use to your entire industry, analysing the results and making adjustments for successful scaling.



Our delivery phase marks the launch of the operational phase of your AI solution. We ensure a smooth transition to production, configuring the infrastructure, deploying the AI models and carrying out extensive testing. Once operational, we continuously monitor the performance of the AI models, collecting data in real time and taking corrective action if necessary. You benefit from full control and regular performance reporting, enabling you to maximise the results of your AI solution in your operational environment.

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