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Our image analyser

Discover our revolutionary artificial intelligence-based image recognition solution, accessible from a simple web browser. With our advanced technology, you can capture images in real time using your device’s camera or upload your own photos for accurate and relevant analysis.

Our cloud solution offers total flexibility, allowing you to work where you want, when you want. No need to install complex software or configure complicated settings. Everything is done online, quickly and easily.

When you use our solution, you benefit from unrivalled accuracy in the recognition of objects and details. Whether you work in biotechnology, microbiology or other sectors, our solution adapts to your specific needs.

Simplify your image analysis workflow and optimise your business operations with our image recognition solution. Get fast, accurate results at your fingertips, so you can make informed decisions and improve your performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform the way you work with images.


The stakes

Photo capture

Some laboratories are under-equipped to capture photos of their samples and thus build up an effective image bank.


Analysis times (identification, counting, etc.) are often too long, resulting in a loss of productivity.


Image analysis is a major cost centre for laboratories, and is often under-valued by those in charge of it.


This tedious and repetitive work can lead to misinterpretations that have a major impact.


Results are often under-exploited due to a lack of data sharing and infrastructure security.


Access management

Two levels of access rights and full traceability.

Batch Management

The photos analysed are associated with an analytical sequence (batch).


Integrated tool for annotating images and modifying the results obtained.

Capture photos

2 possible modes: upload / capture photos from the PC (or mobile) camera.

Identification & Counting

Identification of 1 or more colonies by photo with automated counting.

Search & Dashboards

Identification of 1 or more colonies by photo with automated counting.

The benefits

Reduces the risk of errors

Identification and counting are carried out automatically. The risk of error is controlled by final validation by the operator.

Increases productivity

The analysis is automated and the results are obtained instantly once the photo has been captured/loaded.

Data processing

Easy search of data in an easily interpretable format.

The user experience

Enhancing the operator's work by using an application that makes work easier, faster and more efficient.

The use cases

Colony Counter
Bacteria Identification
Protein Complex Identification
Malaria Parasite Identification
MicroAlgae Biomass Identification

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Manual, colony counter, etc
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