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Who we are

At NeuralTeks, we are a team driven by a passion for innovation and artificial intelligence.

Our expertise is centered around effectively delivering AI and Data projects, maximizing financial benefits and value addition to your business processes, while bringing about true technological transformation in your operations, products, and projects. With our dedication and proficiency, we develop customized AI and Data solutions to meet your specific requirements. Trust NeuralTeks to materialize your vision of an innovative AI-powered enterprise.

Our mission

Our mission is to democratize the power of AI for businesses worldwide.

At NeuralTeks, we are committed to assisting our clients in fully harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance their processes and software products. We pledge to accompany you throughout the AI development cycle, providing data preparation services and customizing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to cater to your specific needs.

Moreover, our team ensures the maintenance and support of your AI and Data solutions, allowing you to continue reaping their long-term benefits. Together, we transform intricate challenges into opportunities through the realm of artificial intelligence.

Our skills

Our Technologies et Expertises

Data Science

In an increasingly digital and data-centric world, data science has become a pivotal element for businesses striving to remain competitive. NeuralTeks stands as your trusted partner in the realm of data science and AI.

We harness the power of your data to aid you in making more informed decisions, optimizing your operations, and uncovering fresh avenues for growth. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to cater to your specific needs.

With a team of dedicated experts and cutting-edge techniques, NeuralTeks is ready to accompany you on your journey towards digital transformation and propel your enterprise to new heights.

Machine Learning

In the current business landscape, machine learning has become an indispensable tool for companies aiming to stand out.

At NeuralTeks, we leverage machine learning to translate your data into tangible actions. We craft personalized predictive models to assist you in anticipating market trends, comprehending customer behavior, and optimizing your processes. Our machine learning solutions are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

With a team of machine learning experts and cutting-edge technologies, NeuralTeks is poised to guide you through your digital transformation journey and propel your business into the future.

Deep Learning

In today’s digital world, deep learning unveils unprecedented possibilities.

At NeuralTeks, we harness this technology to deliver advanced solutions in computer vision, natural language processing, and generative models. Our computer vision algorithms transform the content of your images and videos into actionable insights. Our natural language processing tools decipher and interpret human language for more intuitive interactions and optimal information gathering. Our generative models create new data extrapolating from your original dataset.

With NeuralTeks, you gain cutting-edge deep learning expertise to structure all your unstructured data and leverage the scalability offered by artificial intelligence.

Benefit from the continuous improvement of your production models with Active Learning.

Plus vous utilisez nos IA, plus elles deviennent performantes !

Active Learning enables the reintroduction of human knowledge into the operation of machine learning models in production.

It is a technique that takes into account human corrections when the production model makes mistakes, and these responses can be reused in future learning iterations.

The outcome: the more the models are utilized, the more effective they become.

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